Saturday, September 27, 2014

DIY Glass Bottle

 Recently while shopping at an old-fashioned general store,
I noticed some cute glass milk bottles for sale that had a straw 
through the lid for use as a drinking bottle. I thought it would 
be fun to try it myself! I just peeled the paper off a glass juice
 bottle, and removed the sticky residue.
Then, I painted the lid, and my brother drilled the hole in the lid for me.
 I found a nice plastic straw in the drawer that worked great for it! 

By the way...I thought the "S" stamped on the side of the glass fit
 nicely for Simple Inspirations. :)

1 comment:

A Heart of Praise said...

What a neat idea, it looks like it turned out cute! :) Hey, the "S" could be for my last name! Lol :D