Monday, June 16, 2014

A Poem

God in Heaven Made All Things Well
God in heaven made all things well.
Sin came to reign when Adam fell.
Now the whole world groans in misery,
and we all have earned God's fury.
Human hearts are wicked, black and vile.
We seek out ways to be defiled.
Our punishment, our lot, is doom:
Hell, where fire does not consume.
Mercy stayed justice's swift arm.
Mankind was spared from sudden harm.
The distance between God and man,
a rift that only Christ can span.
God is righteous, but also kind.
He loves sinners, lost and blind.
His holy wrath would be displayed.
Payment for our crimes would be made.
We all need a worthy substitute,
a days-man from David's root.
He must be willing and qualified,
spotless and perfect, no sin to hide.
There is only one who can take our place.
Only Jesus could save our race.
God's only Son would bleed and die,
making atonement for you and I.
We were set free from sin's tight hold
when the Lord brought us into His fold.
We thank Him for His sacrifice.
We owed a debt; He paid the price.
We'll live our days to bless His name.
We are redeemed because He came.
Our precious Savior we will praise,
and render Him service all our days.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for His mercy and atonement through the blood of Jesus Christ! Thanks for sharing this.

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing the poem! And the picture is lovely!!

A Heart of Praise said...

Wonderful poem, thank you for posting it! I like the picture too. :)

Mommy said...

A Beautiful, God honoring poem!! I was very touched and blessed, thank you!!