Friday, November 7, 2014

No Book Is Like the Bible

"The Bible is the only Book whose Author is always 
present when you read it." 

No Book is Like the Bible

By Fanny Crosby

No book is like the Bible,
For childhood, youth and age;
Our duty, plain and simple,
We find on every page.
It came by inspiration,
A light to guide our way,
A voice from Him who gave it,
Reproving when we stray.

It tells of man’s creation,
His sad, primeval fall;
It tells of man’s redemption,
Through Christ, who died for all;
In sacred words of wisdom
It bids us watch and pray,
And early come to Jesus,
The Life, the Truth, the Way.

Love God, our Lord and Savior,
Who reigns in Heaven above,
And bids us all remember,
Our neighbors we must love;
For on these great commandments
To Christians here below
Hang all the law and prophets;
The Bible tells us so.


No book is like the Bible,
The blessed Book we love,
The pilgrim’s chart of glory,
It leads to God above.


amy said...

Thanks for posting this! I also enjoyed visiting the link for the "Daily Light" Scripture reading on your sidebar. The link photo is lovely!!

A Heart of Praise said...

I don't think I've ever heard of this song before seeing it here. Thanks for sharing it!