Thursday, March 12, 2015

Before and After

 Recently, my brothers found a way to clean our Revere Ware pans, which are made with
 copper on the underside of each pan. Once they were done, it made our pans look almost like new!!

 And after!

All they needed was a little bit of white vinegar, and some ordinary household
 sea salt. A simple way that I did it was to pour some white vinegar into a dinner plate,
and sprinkle plenty of salt over it. Then, you can just set the pan on the plate to soak 
for a minute or two. (It should almost immediately begin changing color to a bright pink.)
Then, scrub carefully in a circular motion with a scratch pad, and the rest of the tarnish 
and burnt marks should come off easily! If the pan is very discolored from years of use,
it might need more than one application of vinegar and salt, with some extra scrubbing.


A Heart of Praise said...

Nice! I should try this on my pans too! I didn't think it would be so simple.

Life in the Midwest said...

I love this tip, it makes the pans look so much better! =)