Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Hymn Of Encouragment

We'll Come Forth As Gold

( D.)

The earth is full of toil and strife.
Grief and pain are in this life.
We feel heartache and frequent sorrow.
We cry out with breath we borrow;
"Lord, be near us for we are weak.
We bow down humbly at thy feet.
Please give us strength to persevere.
Help us trust thee and cast out fear."

The path before us is unclear.
Sometimes the future looks so drear.
If we rely on mortal flesh,
We will soon be in great distress.
Cling to the Lord and seek his face,
He will guide you and grant you grace.
He can supply joy in trials,
And patience for our journey's miles.

God never leaves nor forsakes us.
We can cling tight to this promise.
The Lord will faithfully provide.
At his voice the storm will subside.
The God we serve is in control.
Each trial has a divine role.
We'll come forth as glittering gold,
With grateful hearts and joy untold! 

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