Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How I Make Laundry Detergent


Grate Soap:



Homemade Laundry Detergent

1 bar Fels Naptha (5.5 oz.) soap

1 1/2 cups Washing Soda

1 1/2 cups Borax

Grate the bar of soap; mix with 2 quarts of water and slowly heat until the soap is dissolved, stirring occasionally. In a 5 gallon bucket put the washing soda and borax; stir in some hot water until the powders dissolve. Pour the dissolved Fels Naptha soap into the 5 gallon bucket. Fill the bucket up with warm water. Stir well. Use 1/2 cup in each load of laundry.

This is really cheap and it works well! 


Amy said...

I would like to try making this again sometime. Thank you for posting the recipe!

Southern Sunrise said...

I didn't realize you could make so much laundry soap from so little ingredients! That must save a lot of money. Thanks for sharing!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

This recipe works pretty well, but, in the summertime when the laundry is particularly soiled and smelly I do have to add 1/2 cup if some detergent booster sometimes. (usually borax, washing soda, or amonia.)
, or amonia.)

A Heart of Praise said...

I've thought about making my own detergent in the past. Thanks for sharing how you do it! Does it thicken up at all? I always get a bit nervous with any kind of liquid in buckets with so many little ones around if I ever forgot to cover it. But, I suppose I could try halving the recipe and put in in smaller containers.

Sister in the Mid-west said...

It does thicken up to a loose gel like consistency. I do keep a lid on it, but I don't always snap it on tight. I could see it being dangerous to toddlers. I know of people who have used this recipe and stored it in gallon jugs. That might work for you.

A Heart of Praise said...

I had not thought of putting it in gallon jugs, thanks for the idea! :)