Monday, February 6, 2017

Silly Me! Sewing Without Doing All The Math First!

I made two skirts out of that grape fabric last week. They took me around twelve hours a piece to sew from start to finish.

I really wanted to make a flared skirt with Six panels. I found a YouTube tutorial. I didn't pay very close attention to the tutorial, but I figured I understood the gist of it and could go ahead and make a skirt.
The finished size wasn't that important to me because I was going to put the skirt on Etsy and it wouldn't have to fit a specific person.
I just picked some numbers and started cutting. When I finished the skirt I was quite surprised at how large it turned out compared to what I was expecting. It has a 38 inch waist. I can list it on Etsy, but I can't try it on, myself. :)

Well, I decided I better watch the tutorial a couple of times and actually pay attention to the instructions before I cut out the next skirt.
When I was ready to cut out the second skirt I chose to use my measurements as a goal size. I was hoping that I could wear the skirt in the pictures I would have to take for an Etsy listing.
This time I really did follow the instructions, but the skirt turned out much too small! I was worried it would be too small for anyone to wear. I quickly searched for average girl's sizes online. From the size charts I saw, the skirt I made is a girl's size 12. It is quite long, though.

I am hoping a 12 year old girl somewhere wants a floor length, flared, grape skirt! :)

The shape of the skirt is quite nice and is what I had in mind. I intend to try sewing this style of skirt again, when I have some more material, and hopefully ending up with a skirt that I can actually put on. :)

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