Monday, February 27, 2017

I Sold My Hair! And A Few Tips For Selling Hair

Picture taken 2017

That is right, I sold my hair!

Here is the story.......

I had my hair cut in September of 2012, before I got married.
After I was married I began to wear my hair exclusively in a bun. It was out of my way. It didn't matter how long my hair became because it was not in my way.

Last March (2016) my hair reached a point where it was really difficult to manage. Washing it and brushing it out had become such a chore. Mr. In The Mid-west offered to cut my hair for me, and I took him up on the offer one Saturday morning.

The longest stand of hair I had was about 38 inches. Once Mr. In The Mid-west cut my hair I had about 14 inches left. I was not sad to see it go. It had become incredibly cumbersome. I was so ready to have it cut, and start out fresh!

After it was cut I began to look into selling it. I called a couple places that sold wigs in our area. They didn't deal with raw hair.

I began looking online. I found a site called I paid for an ad, and waited 30 days for a buyer. The only responses I received were from scammers who wanted my address so, "they could send me a check in the mail," or, "have a friend of theirs pick the hair up."

I was kind of disappointed that my hair didn't sell. :( I put it in a box and forgot about it.

Last week it occurred to me that I should try listing my hair on eBay. I looked to see what the market for human hair was like on eBay. It looked decent. I took some pictures and listed my hair last Friday night. Saturday afternoon it was sold! I was shocked and very happy! :)

Now a few tips for selling your hair....

#1.  Uncut hair brings a higher premium.
(Next time I plan on listing the number of inches of hair I am willing to sell with some pictures of the hair still attached to my head.)
Buyers can be worried about scammers selling horse hair as "human" hair. You can offer to film your hair being cut to give the buyer some reassurance that what you have for sale is authentic human hair.

#2.  Virgin hair is most valued. Virgin means you have used no dyes, no perms, no drugs, no smoking, and no drinking. Also, if you have not treated your hair with heat (blow dryer, straightening iron) that can be a selling point, and you should mention it in your ad.

#3.  Thick hair is desired. To qualify as thick your hair needs to be at least 2 inches in circumference.

#4.  Red hair is the most expensive. Followed by blond, black, and brown.

#5.   (This goes for selling anything online)
Take lots of pictures!

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Mary E. Stephens said...

Well, that isn't something I'll ever be doing since I can't wear my hair long, but it was an interesting read! :-) I have a friend who once donated her hair for cancer patients. That is also a bit complicated, as I understand, if one doesn't want the hair to be sold or used for profit by the organization.