Monday, April 10, 2017

Installing Open Ring No-Sew Metal Snap Fasteners

There are 4 pieces to open ring metal snaps.
1 stud, 1 receiver,
And 2 toothed rings.

Place a toothed ring on the place where you want a snap, toothed side down.

Using a pencil eraser,

or, your fingers,...
poke all of the teeth through the fabric.

Place a receiver or a stud piece onto the teeth. Make sure the teeth are lined up with the corresponding groove in the stud piece or the receiver piece.

Place a spool over the receiver piece or the stud piece.
Give it 3-4 good whacks with a hammer. I recommend that you do this on your cutting board.
Double check, before installing the next snap, that the studs and receivers are pointing in a direction that will allow them to snap together correctly.

That is all there is to installing open ring metal snaps!

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