Friday, April 28, 2017

Seeds And Seedlings

I started some flower and herb seeds several weeks ago.

I sprinkled the seeds between moist paper towels and put them in a plastic bag.
I put the plastic bag in a warm place and waited for the seeds to sprout.

When they sprouted I bought some seed starting soil mix.

I saw a neat idea on Pinterest for biodegradable seedling containers.
Several years ago I had tried to use paper egg cartons for this purpose, but the cartons molded before it was even close to transplanting into the garden time.

When I saw the idea of using the egg shells in the paper cartons I thought that might work. The egg shells should provide enough of a moisture barrier to keep the cartons from molding.

I am sad to report that my seedlings this year are not doing very well. I have not been caring for them enough and they have suffered. :(

The seeds that I planted directly in the soil are thriving. I plan on planting some more varieties of seed straight in the ground later this spring.

With God doing the watering and climate control the plants seem to do better than when I am in control of the watering, temperature, and lighting. :)

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