Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Free Scripture Songs, Entire Chapters Set To Music!

I recently came across this website,  On that site there are 58 entire chapters of the Bible set to music. That is over 3 hours of scripture!
The lady who writes the music and sings the songs goes by the pseudonym, Tirzah Joy.
She has made all of her scripture songs available for free and doesn't copy right any of her work.

You can download audio files of the songs, or request free CDs, or down load the sheet music.

She, also has a YouTube channel where you can listen to the Bible being sung. Her channel is called, Sing the KJV.

I love the work that she has done. She has used her talent to edify the Body of Christ and bring glory to God.

I encourage you to give her work a listen and see if it is a blessing to you and your walk with Christ!

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