Saturday, March 25, 2017

First Time Flying In A Commercial Airplane!! And Some Details About Our Trip.

This week I had the opportunity to fly on an airplane! I had never been on a commercial aircraft before, and I was really excited to fly!

As we took off from Detroit.

Looking out over lake Erie.
Snowy fields in New York State.
Sunset from above the clouds.
On our descent into Boston.
Flying was a fun experience! We flew from Chicago to Detroit and from Detroit to Boston. We drove from Boston to northern Maine on a business trip.
We only had half a day to sight see in Boston. We picked one thing to visit.

U.S.S. Constitution in her berth.
Someone had recommended that we see the U.S.S. Constitution, and that is what we did. There was an interactive museum about the U.S.S. Constitution that was well worth the time. They had family friendly exhibits that where very interesting and educational. The museum is run on donations so there is no admission fee only a suggested donation which makes the museum very affordable. The U.S.S. Constitution is one of six battle ships commissioned to be built in 1794. She was finally launched on October 21, 1797. During the war of 1812 she became famous and was nicknamed, "Old Ironsides," after British cannon balls bounced off of her hull!
The Navy is currently doing some restoration work on the U.S.S. Constitution.
While in Boston we went shopping at a really interesting Walmart. There was a parking deck below the store!

You had to ride an elevator or escalator up to the store! And, there was a really neat type of escalator for carts full of groceries to ride down on! Sorry, I don't have any pictures of that contraption.

Other than that, the store was just a regular Walmart on the main floor.

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Ashley Whitesell said...

That sounds so fun!! I would love to go to Boston; there is so much history and the northeast is beautiful! I'm so glad that you got to fly commercially for your first time too! I love flying!