Monday, June 26, 2017

A Married Woman's Tan Lines

You can see that I wear a wedding ring even when I take my rings off, due to the distinct color difference. That is why I call this A Married Woman's Tan Lines. :) No disrespect to those wedded couples who chose not to wear rings. You are just as married. :)

I love the heat and sunshine of summer! I love having the windows open and hearing all the singing birds in the morning, and chirping crickets and croaking baby frogs at night. :)
A beautiful double rainbow we saw recently. BMW and I went for a walk and got caught in the rain. It was a refreshing little shower. It ​was fun to show him the rainbow and then witness his great excitement. :)

 Thankfully, (this is my opinion) the air conditioner needs a part and won't work yet. I don't like air conditioning, if you couldn't tell. :)
*Post Script: The air conditioner has been caused to work since this post was written*

Chalk art on the side walk.

BMW and I have been spending a lot of time outside. We have raised bed gardens to work in, a wading pool to cool off in, sidewalk chalk to be creative with, and sometimes a fire in the smoker/grill to tend. We got pretty nice tans early on this year.

Chicken Legs fresh off of the smoker.
One of the raised garden beds that Mr. In The Mid-west built for me this spring.
These pictures were taken right after I hoed the gardens. I should write a post at the end of summer with some garden progress pictures.

I hope you all have been enjoying your summer as much we have! :)

Do you like air conditioning?

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Tell us in the comments! :)


A.J. said...

Haha, love those Tan Lines! Got 'em too. :D

No, I don't like air conditioning, and 'till now we hadn't used it. However, the doctor told us we'd have to use it for the baby - it gets pretty hot here (we can reach 40 degrees C - that's around 100 F) and the she would suffer if not. I can't wait to leave the city and go live in our house in the countryside!

We've been fruit picking at my in-laws' and have been able to make jams and preserves. We've also been out for a couple of walks/hikes, but till Hubby gets free Saturdays, we won't do much outdoors.

A.J. said...

You're welcome, thank you too! I was reviewing the blog to get it running again and saw your comment on the I Am Not Alone poem - a comment I had never answered! I thought it was high time I did!

Am following now. :D

A Heart of Praise said...

Nice raised garden beds, it looks like the vegetables are growing good for you! The smoked chicken looks delicious!

We've been enjoying summer here! For the past few days I've been trying to take the time to put down landscaping fabric in one of our flower beds that was overrun with weeds. Today, the weather was just perfect, and the children and I spent most of the day outside, they love playing in their sandpile, and on the swing set, while I was able to almost finish up in the garden.

I must admit to liking air conditioning! :) I was pretty happy when we got ours installed. It's not so bad downstairs, but the upstairs tends to get stuffy and hot without it running in the summertime, and I find it hard to sleep.