Friday, June 2, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Box

I put together a tea party gift box for my mother-in-law's Mother's Day gift.

I was inspired by Stephanie from The Enchanted Rose. She hosted a tea cup exchange recently and, while I didn't participate, I did very much enjoy seeing the pictures of everyone's exchange gift boxes. As I scrolled through the pictures I thought, "This would be so fun to do for someone!" And suddenly it dawned on me that Mother's Day would provide the perfect opportunity.

I made a list of items that I wanted to either purchase or make. I was so excited that I even drew a sketch of what things would go into my box. :)

Mother's Day Gift Box List:
Pretty Tea Cup
Homemade Biscotti
Homemade Honey Taffy
Bath Salts Blend
A Magazine or Book

Next time I went thrifting my eyes were peeled for a pretty tea cup and anything tea party like. I found some rose shaped floating candles, delicate cloth napkins, a beautiful tea cup, and an Ideals magazine, which I was really excited about because my husband's Mom really likes Ideals magazines.

The tea cup took a couple thrift stores to find. It was part of a full set of China. I felt a little bad about breaking up the set, but the pieces were all priced individually and I didn't need to buy the whole set.

The next few posts are going to be relating to some of the things I made to go in this Mother's Day Tea Party Box.

I will be sharing the bath salts recipe, the honey chews recipe (and almost disaster!), and the traditional almond biscotti recipe.

I hope you come back for the recipes! See you soon. :)

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