Friday, June 23, 2017

Mint Leaves And Rose Petals: Fresh From The Garden Salad Inspiration

I thought this salad was very good. The mint leaves were refreshing and the rose petals added delicate floral notes. The overall aroma is quite appealing.
I gathered baby lettuce, spinach, mint sprigs, and freshly opened rose blossoms. I washed them in a sink full of water to which I added a few tablespoons of white vinegar. The vinegar not only kills germs, but it also, perks up the lettuce and gives it a good crunch. You can let it soak for up to a few hours. I let mine sit in the vinegar solution for at least 20 minutes.
I probably picked a little too much mint for this batch, but I got carried away with the scissors when I was out in my herb bed.

After washing all the greens and flowers let them drain and gently dry them off.
I take the mint leaves off of their stems. Mint leaves turn an ugly brown when bruised, so they need to treated kind of gently. I don't chop the mint leaves up. I leave them whole. I take the rose petals off of the base of the flower.  These left over stems and flower part I throw in my compost bucket.
I like to toss this salad together several hours before serving time. That gives the mint and rose aromas time to permeate throughout the salad greens.

I served this salad along side roasted chicken thighs (roasted in my new oven!), asparagus Spears, and potatoes.

Why did I take the food out of their cooking pans and plate them onto serving platters? To take this picture. I normally serve everything right out of the pan I cooked it in. I washed twice as many dishes just to take this picture. Was it worth the trouble? Not for the picture, but it did make us all feel kinda special, so that was worth the effort. :)

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