Monday, June 19, 2017

Retiring My Trusty Toaster Oven

This toaster oven was a wedding gift and it has been used and used and used.

When we were first married I had no oven, stove or microwave. This toaster oven, my crock pot, and electric griddle saw me through.

It was about a year before I had a real oven to bake in. About a year and a half later I was without an oven, again. We had moved into our freshly remodeled house (January 2016) and our brand new oven was defective. We had bought it while we were still remodeling and before we moved in the warranty ran out. :( My toaster oven was enlisted again.

Many, many, of the recipes I have shared here were baked in this trusty toaster oven.

It has served me well!

That is the paper price tag still on the door!

A couple days ago, (5/20/17), Mr. In The Mid-west (finally) fixed our new oven!!!!!!

When Mr. In The Mid-west picked the oven out he went straight to the top. It is part of Samsung's professional series.

It has more special features than I know about. I will have to read the manual for some of the functions. I know it is a convection oven and has the capability to read a temperature probe that you can use in a roast or something. I am excited to be using my new oven!

I baked this pizza to celebrate. :)

First item cooked in my new oven.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing - I never dreamed all the wonderful food you cook(ed) (even the most fantastic sweet/type biscuits sent on Mother's Day) was done in a toaster oven!! Wow! I am awed. Thank you for sharing this post - So... now you get the "joy" of keeping the oven clean, but it looks like you have an oven that will clean itself? Without "other" bakers in the house (younger ones at our house), ovens are much easier to clean... :) Love ya!!! Oh, and yes - we love yous!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Thank you for the comment and compliment, Anonymous!
I am sure that my new oven probably has a cleaning cycle. I have not tried to figure that out yet. Keeping things in nice, brand new condition is not a virtue of mine. It does make me a little nervous to have such brand new (expensive) oven.